He food industry needs of the dehydrated juices, either to facilitate their manipulation, to mix with other dry ingredients or to increase their shelf life. Spray drying could be used to obtain products with good sensory and nutritional characteristic.

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Benefits of Spray-Dry

Freeze Dry fruit Powder For Dessert And Chocolates Making is one of great natural fruit ingredients for baking and dessert industry to make all kinds of delicious foods, like fruit ice cream,fruit cupcake, etc. Now, with lyophilized fruit powder at home, you can make your own healthy fruit milk by yourself every morning for your family. If you are a factory of beverage, you will like to use our freeze dried fruits powder as raw materials to make all kinds of healthy beverage for your customers.

Freeze-dried organic fruit powder is an excellent source of both soluble and insoluble fiber. Studies show that soluble fiber may help regulate blood sugar levels and lower LDL «bad» cholesterol levels. Insoluble fiber aids the digestive tract and keeps you feeling full longer,​which prevents overeating.​

Obtain Spray-Dry