Alibertia patinoi

Borojo is a fruit, highly energetic, and nutritious. It can be used in Colombia, and this is an opportunity to get to know other countries, mainly for its aphrodisiac properties, although this characteristic is one of many that Borojo presents.


The Borojo are matured in the tree, protected individually and transported by air from Colombia to Asia and Europe, protected in boxes specifically designed for conservation.


The average dimensions of each fruit are 6 to 7 cm long and 4 to 6 cm in diameter. Its average weight is 150 g The product is marketed in boxes of 10 to 12 units of approximately 2.5Kg each


The fruit, its packaging and packaging comply with all import regulations of fresh food to Asia and Europe

Origin of Borojo

Some parts of Colombia (Humid forests), Ecuador, and Panama (Darién). Borojo is found in the rainy forests, on the rainy region of the Pacific coast of Colombia, where the annual average rain fall is more than 4,000 mm; The average temperature is 28ºC and the relative humidity 85%. It grows in the shade of other trees. Adapts well up to 1,200 m altitude.

Nutritional benefits of Borojo

Borojó is known for its high protein, vitamin and mineral content.

It seems that energy drinks are gaining popularity every day in the world. Almost no other fruit in the world has such a high amount of water-soluble B vitamins that they are excellent for health. In fact, there are many stories among the natives of Colombia and Costa Rica who used the pulp for centuries to maintain a high level of energy while making long trips through the jungle.

Stories also abound in these places about their aphrodisiac ability or natural properties of «Viagra,» which can be attributed, in part, to these nutrients. Nicotinic acid (B3) is found in very high quantities and, in orthomolecular medicine research, it has been shown to help in the treatment of depression, anxiety, arthritis, cancer and more particularly, schizophrenia. Other vitamins and minerals found in large quantities are iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, vitamins C, B1, B2 and silicon.

Phosphorus is found in abundance in this exotic fruit and is excellent for brain functions, such as memory and concentration. Vegetarians also love it because of its typically high amount of protein and essential amino acid content. One pound equals 3 pounds of the amino acid content of meat. Recent scientific research also conducted by the University of Santiago in California, has shown that borojó contains an abundance of a chemical called sesquiterperlatona, which inhibits the growth of tumor cells and promises to help in the treatment of terrible diseases, such as cancer.

Mode of consumption of Borojo

In villages of the Pacific the fruit is milled to obtain flour that is used in sauces, tortillas, coladas, soft drinks, ice cream or to fill chickens, turkeys or piglets.

 Some people prefer it with vinegar and salt instead of honey. A cup of coffee and a chontaduro can be breakfast in houses of the coast. In Chocó they serve it fried or roasted next to the meat as if it were bread.

 Four years after planting, an annual production begins for more than half a century. Oil is extracted from the seeds. The fruit is also used to produce wine, alcohol or vinegar.

 The palmito, which is the tender stem, is an ingredient for sophisticated salads.

 In the restaurants of Buenaventura or the capital of Valle, you can taste seafood casseroles in chontaduro sauce; pastas or creams made with fruit or sorbet, cold chicha seasoned or cake with grated pineapple.



Uses hot air to evaporate the water from the fruit, getting the lowest humidity at the best cost.


whole fruits

Our fruits ripen on the tree, are exported by air, and in a couple of days can be on the table of the consumer



Removes the water by freezing and sublimation –vacuum at 30ºC.


chopped fruit

The fastest way to reach results is to monitor the progress you make.



Transforms the fruit into pulp whitch is easily rehydrated.



Fruits are recognized at their optimum ripeness, just when they are tastier and more nutritious. It can be washed, cut, packaged and frozen in just a few hours to get to the table at its best.

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