Keeping the fruit frozen means that you can enjoy your favorite berries or peaches during the time that are not available. It also means less allowed, which allows you to enjoy the products when it is close to its best nutritional value, that is, every time you decide to consume them. 

Frozen fruits “are collected commercially at the peak of maturity and then frozen and individually packaged under a nitrogen atmosphere.” Exposing the fruits to nitrogen helps preserve nutrients that degrade oxygen.

Benefits of Frozen

Forget about washing, cutting and peeling

The things that people value most in our day to day are time and comfort. With the frozen fruit you will win in both aspects. Because open a bag and find just what you need, ready to consume, and even more when you want to make a juice or a smoothie.

Always available!

One of the disadvantages of fresh products is that being seasonal foods they are not always available and if they are, their price is much higher. However, the frozen ones will always be at your disposal. You will have seasonal fruit all year.

Same nutritional value as fresh fruit

Vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, water … Its properties are not altered. During the freezing process the nutrients of the fruit are not lost, therefore, all its benefits are maintained. When frozen, they reach the table as if it were freshly harvested fruit.


Obtain Frozen