Lyophilization (freeze-dry)

Lyophilization is a process where a large part of the liquid that contains the fruit is removed and, whose purpose, is the one that is preserved for the longest time and nutrients are concentrated. In addition, it provides a different texture to the dishes, making them unique. So it would be worth knowing your virtues.


Benefits of Lyophilization (freeze-dry)

  1. Regulates digestion Freeze-dried fruit contains 2 g of fiber per cup. Being fiber, the nutrient that helps promote regular digestion and keeps cholesterol levels low, which translates into a lower risk of heart disease. Therefore, including a dose of fiber for the body will be ideal.

  2.  Fights free radicals Freeze-dried fruit concentrates antioxidants, which have a significant impact on the body, as they fight free radicals. Therefore, its consumption could be very beneficial for health.

  3. Protect the immune system. Freeze-dried fruit is excellent to complement the balanced diet, since they have iron, potassium, vitamin A and C, our nutrients help protect the immune system and affect good oxygenation of the blood.

  4. Keeps weight at bay Freeze-dried fruit has a minimum amount of calories compared to dehydrated fruit. So, if your planes are losing weight, the ideal is to consume this food that will help you stay satiated for longer.

  5. Provide extra energy Freeze-dried fruit can be an excellent snack to eat, among others, which gives you the extra energy to do daily work and, best of all, does not require sugar.

Obtain Lyophilization