Annona muricata

Guanabana is a tropical fruit whose origin is attributed to a South American country. It is characterized by having a white flesh with a sweet taste and a soft texture and is also known for having great nutritional and medicinal properties.

Guanabana is considered as the most tropical fruit due to its susceptibility to climatic changes and environmental factors that limit it to develop only in tropical environments whose climate is usually warm because low temperatures affect its development preventing the plant from reaching its ripening and fruit production.


The soursop are matured in the tree, protected individually and transported by air from Colombia to Asia and Europe, protected in boxes specifically designed for conservation.


The average dimensions of each fruit are 6 to 7 cm long and 4 to 6 cm in diameter. Its average weight is 150 g The product is marketed in boxes of 10 to 12 units of approximately 2.5Kg each


The fruit, its packaging and packaging comply with all import regulations of fresh food to Asia and Europe

Origin of Soursop

Soursop (Annona muricata L.) is a plant native to the tropical part of South America but has been introduced in many countries. It grows optimally between 0-1000 meters above sea level It is considered the most tropical of the anonas, because it does not resist the cold.

Its fruit is frequently represented in the pre-Columbian pottery of the Peruvian coast, as evidenced by the existence of several pieces of pottery from the Chimú Culture in which it is accurately represented.

The tree of this species is widely distributed in the tropical and subtropical region of Latin America.

Nutritional benefits of Soursop

Soursop is a fruit known since ancient times and used not only for its gastronomic qualities that allow it to be used in different preparations ranging from the preparation of fresh waters, juices and even alcoholic drinks as cocktails, to the preparation of desserts such as cakes and ice creams.

It is also known for being a fruit that has great nutritional properties. From the nutritional point of view of the properties that stand out, it is based on the content of micronutrients and trace elements essential for strengthening and supplying important factors that intervene in the body’s metabolic reactions to keep the body’s functioning balanced. (See article:  peanut butter )

In this sense, the chemical and structural composition of the fault of this fruit is indispensable. In this way the nutritional and medicinal properties that soursop provides to the human body are closely related to the contribution of phyto nutrients and the structural components of the pulp of this fruit.

Mode of consumption of Soursop

It is important to recognize that although soursop is a fruit there are many possibilities when integrating this product into the daily diet. This is because the soursop has special physical and astronomical qualities that give it the ease of use in different preparations.

Guanabana is a fruit with a soft texture and sweet and sour taste, perfectly consumed in its natural state, that is, raw. Once the skin of this fruit and the seed has been extracted, the white soft meat can be eaten without having carried out any processing.

This is the easiest way to consume the soursop, however it should be noted that this fruit can be the basis of many refreshing juices and has even been taken into account for the preparation of tropical and exotic cocktails that include alcoholic beverages in its preparation.

On the other hand, the guanabana thanks to its high sugar content is an important ingredient in the repair of different desserts such as jam cakes and ice cream. In this sense the consumption of this fruit the variety of presentation.



Uses hot air to evaporate the water from the fruit, getting the lowest humidity at the best cost.


whole fruits

Our fruits ripen on the tree, are exported by air, and in a couple of days can be on the table of the consumer



Removes the water by freezing and sublimation –vacuum at 30ºC.


chopped fruit

The fastest way to reach results is to monitor the progress you make.



Transforms the fruit into pulp whitch is easily rehydrated.



Fruits are recognized at their optimum ripeness, just when they are tastier and more nutritious. It can be washed, cut, packaged and frozen in just a few hours to get to the table at its best.

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